Prof. Michael Moates, MA, LP, LBA, LCMHC, LADAC

Professor Moates is a Licensed Psychologist, Behavior Analyst, Clinical Mental Health Counselor, and Alcohol and Drug Counselor. He holds 23 clinical licenses in 11 different states. In addition to clinical practice, Professor Moates educates students at a non-profit university in California. He teaches both general education and psychology coursework.

Moates has been in the mental health field since 2016 working in various modalities including in home, behavioral hospital, school, center-based, and telemedicine programs. He believes in a strong holistic approach in which he does a through intake, collaborates with you to build your treatment plan with goals that empower you, and facilitating you on your journey to the best version of yourself.

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2021 – Candidate for the Doctor of Education in Leadership

Specialization in Higher Education Leadership
Doctoral Dissertation on Crisis Communication and Hypnosis Extensive 
Mentorship of Dr. Donald Trent Jacobs, PhD, EdD – Four Arrows
Coursework in Psychology (APA Accredited University)
560 Practicum Hours in Psychology and Education

2021 – Master of Arts: Area of Study Psychology

Focus: Crisis Communications

2017 – Bachelor of Science: Concentration in Psychology

Secondary Focus: Criminal Justice

2021 – Associate of Science in Biology
2018 – Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice


May 2022 ‑ Speaker: Admiral of the Texas Navy Presentation to Master Sergeant Walt Raemhild
April 2022 ‑ Conversion and Shock “Therapy”, Virginia Board of Medicine
April 2022 ‑ Letter: United States Congress: Concerns Regarding the Abuses in the Practice of Behavior Analysis
February 2022 ‑ Petition: Certification for Licensure as Practitioners of Behavior Analysis, TX Dept. of Licensing and Regulation
February 2022 ‑ Petition: Certification for Licensure as Practitioners of Behavior Analysis, State of Washington
February 2022 ‑ Petition: Certification for Licensure as Practitioners of Behavior Analysis, Virginia Board of Medicine
February 2022 ‑ Letter: Behavior Analysis Regulatory Board Meeting, State of Kansas
January 2022 ‑ Letter: Board of Medicine, State of Virginia
September 2021 ‑ Committee Meeting: Student Health Advisory Council
September 2021 ‑ Speaker: Lone Star College Board of Trustees ‑ Disability Services
August 2021 ‑ Speaker: Lone Star College Board of Trustees ‑ Disability Services
April 2021 ‑ Meet the Candidates: Eagle Mountain Saginaw ISD Board of Education Election Event
April 2021 ‑ Campaign Event Advocacy for Marilyn Tolbert, EdD
March 2021 ‑ Letter: State of Texas Senate and House of Representatives
October 2020 ‑ Speaker: City of Denton Council Meeting
October 2020 ‑ Letter: Senate Judiciary Committee, United States Congress
August 2020 ‑ Speaker: Use of Force Committee Meeting
July 2020 ‑ Speaker: Use of Force Committee Meeting
May 2018 ‑ Speaker: Eagle Mountain Saginaw Board of Trustee Meeting
December 2017 ‑ Letter: Department of Defense (Research ‑ FOIA)


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Moates, M. (2018). Affirmation, Validation, and Good versus Bad Relationships.
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Moates, M. (2016). Should Students Diagnosed with Autism Have a Dual Diagnosis?
Moates, M. (2016). Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy What effects does it have? An Empirical Report.&


2022 Presidential Volunteer Service Award – Lifetime Achievement Award
2021 Membership Award, Civil Air Patrol
2021 Appointment as Health Services Officer, Civil Air Patrol
2018 Appointment as Ambassador, PragerForce
2018 Air Force Organizational Excellence Award
2016 Admissions To The Tarleton Honors College
2014 Selection for Forensic Science Team, SkillsUSA
2014 Appointment to SkillsUSA Courtesy Corps
2014 Air Force Outstanding Cadet Ribbon
2014 Air Force Association Award
2013 Community Service Award
2013 Air Force Superior Performance Ribbon
2013 Air Force Sergeant Association Award
2012 Longevity Award, Civil Air Patrol
2012 Air Force Leadership Ribbon
2011 Veterans of Foreign Wars Award

Professional Memberships

Community College Professor Affiliate, American Psychological Association
Member, Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate
Member, Christian Counselors of Texas
Member, Alonso Center for Psychodynamic Studies, Fielding Graduate University
Senior Member, Civil Air Patrol, United States Air Force Auxiliary
Member, National Society of Leadership and Success Honor Society
Member, Omicron Delta Kappa Honor Society
Former Student Member, Association for Psychological Science
Former Student Member, American Bar Association 
Former Member, Community Emergency Response Team
Former Member, International Society of Psychiatric‑Mental Health Nurses
Former Member, American Nurses Association
Former Member, Texas Nurses Association
Former Member, Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps

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